Milwaukee's New USA Made Hand Tools Now Available

Milwaukee's Latest Innovation: American-Made Cutting Pliers and Screwdrivers

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Breaking Ground with American Manufacturing

Milwaukee proudly announces a groundbreaking development in the world of hand tools. Their brand-new line of cutting pliers is manufactured entirely in the United States, specifically in West Bend, Wisconsin. What's even more impressive is their commitment to sourcing a significant portion of raw materials domestically, marking a momentous achievement worthy of celebration. With these exceptional American-made hand tools, Milwaukee boldly steps up to outperform their top competitors, such as Knipex, Klein, Wiha, and Wera, renowned for their top-tier hand tools. It's a promise that's making waves in the industry. While their existing imported Milwaukee hand tools remain available at a mid-range price point, the introduction of these USA-made models is a game-changer.


Revolutionary Cutting Pliers

Elevating the Standard for Cutting Pliers

Cutting pliers are the unsung heroes of various trades, used for wire and cable cutting, material manipulation, reaming, crimping, bolt cutting, knockout removal, and more. Milwaukee's latest release ushers in a new era with six cutting-edge lineman's pliers, six diagonal pliers, and two long nose pliers, all engineered to surpass any competition in the market.


Elevated Performance

Addressing the Key Pain Points

Common complaints about cutting pliers often revolve around issues like cutting capacity, blade and tooth longevity, and ease of use. Milwaukee has meticulously addressed these concerns to create cutting pliers tailored to the needs of professionals.

Ultimate Precision

Crafting the Perfect Cutting Pliers

How did they achieve this? Milwaukee's new cutting pliers offer optimal leverage, making challenging cuts easier. The handles provide a comfortable grip designed to effortlessly cut through wiring and tough materials with minimal effort. The curved design of these pliers supports your hand from both the front and back, allowing you to apply more force for those demanding cuts. Laser-hardened edges and teeth on the cutting heads prevent wear and tear over time. Along with a press-forged steel body, these pliers are built for longevity and effectiveness.

Smoother, Reliable Performance

Banishing the Pliers Break-In Period

Another common issue Milwaukee wanted to address with this launch is the notorious break-in period often associated with new pliers. Their latest line is designed for a smooth open and close, even on the first use, ensuring consistent performance and preventing those frustrating instances where pliers get stuck.


A Style for Every Need

Exploring Available Plier Styles

This impressive launch includes six new 9" Lineman's Pliers, tailored for electricians and power utility workers. They come in both dipped grip and comfort grip options, featuring either crimper and bolt cutting functions or thread cutter features, depending on your specific application.

Product Name SKU
9″ Lineman’s Dipped Grip Pliers (USA) MT500
9″ Lineman’s Dipped Grip Pliers w/ Crimper & Bolt Cutter (USA) MT500C
9″ Lineman’s Dipped Grip Pliers w/ Thread Cleaner (USA) MT500
9″ Lineman’s Comfort Grip Pliers (USA) MT550
9″ Lineman’s Comfort Grip Pliers w/ Crimper and Bolt Cutter (USA) MT550C
9″ Lineman’s Comfort Grip Pliers with Thread Cleaner (USA) MT550T


Versatile Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Tools Fit for All Industries

Milwaukee also presents six new Diagonal Cutting Pliers, versatile tools suitable for a wide range of applications across industries. These come in 6", 7", and 8" options, available in both comfort grip and dipped grip variations.

Product Name SKU
6″ Diagonal Dipped Grip Cutting Pliers (USA) MT506
7″ Diagonal Dipped Grip Cutting Pliers (USA) MT507
8″ Diagonal Dipped Grip Cutting Pliers (USA) MT508
6″ Diagonal Comfort Grip Cutting Pliers (USA) MT556
7″ Diagonal Comfort Grip Cutting Pliers (USA) MT557
8″ Diagonal Comfort Grip Cutting Pliers (USA) MT558


Precision with Long Nose Pliers

Pliers for Precision and Reach

Finally, the lineup features two new 8" Long Nose Plier styles, available in either dipped grip or comfort grip. These pliers can effortlessly handle 1/2" to 1" conduit and are equipped with a lanyard-ready design for added convenience. They excel at gripping small objects, reaching tight spots, holding wires, bending loops, and connecting smaller gauge wires with ease.

Product Name SKU
8″ Long Nose Comfort Grip Pliers (USA) MT555
8″ Long Nose Dipped Grip Pliers (USA) MT505


Screwdrivers: The Ultimate Precision Tools

Introducing the New Range of Screwdrivers

Now, let's dive into Milwaukee's latest innovation: a range of screwdrivers optimized for use across a variety of industries, including electrical work, remodeling, carpentry, metalworking, mechanical and HVAC work, maintenance and repair, and more. These screwdrivers are designed for long-lasting precision, with laser-etched bit tips as the standout feature.

Product Name SKU
#1 Phillips 3″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT201
#2 Phillips 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT202
#3 Phillips 6″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT203
#2 Phillips 10″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT204
#2 Phillips 6″ Cushion Grip Demolition Screwdriver (USA) MT205
1/4″ Slotted 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT206
5/16″ Slotted 6″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT207
5/16″ Slotted 6″ Cushion Grip Demolition Screwdriver (USA) MT208
3/8″ Slotted 8″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT209
3/8″ Slotted 8″ Cushion Grip Demolition Screwdriver (USA) MT210
3/16″ Cabinet 3″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT211
3/16″ Cabinet 6″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT212
3/16″ Cabinet 8″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT213
1/4″ Cabinet 10″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT214
#1 ECX 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT215
#2 ECX 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT216
#1 Square 3″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT217
#2 Square 4″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT218
#3 Square 6″ Cushion Grip Screwdriver (USA) MT219


Laser-Etched Bit Tips

Precision to Prevent Slipping

The key selling point of these screwdrivers is their laser-etched bit tips, meticulously designed to prevent slipping and crafted from high-strength boron-infused steel. Each bit is precisely shaped to snugly fit screws, reducing the risk of stripping, even with tough fasteners.

Variety and Kits

Options to Suit Every Need

The new screwdrivers will be available in 4-piece (MT200-4) and 6-piece (MT200-6) kits, as well as individually. With 19 individual screwdriver styles, including various Phillips head, slotted, cabinet, ECX, and square screwdrivers, there's a perfect tool for every job.

Quality Assured

Lifetime Guarantee by Milwaukee

Both the Cutting Pliers and Screwdrivers from Milwaukee come with a Lifetime Guarantee, showcasing the brand's confidence in their USA-made hand tools. Milwaukee is so certain of the quality and durability of this new line that they will replace any tools found to be defective in material or workmanship during the useful lifetime of the tool. It's a testament to their commitment to delivering top-notch tools that stand the test of time.

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