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Streamlight 61435 Enduro Pro USB Rechargeable Headlamp

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  • Streamlight Enduro?« Pro USB is a low-profile, multi-function headlamp with both spot and flood lighting options plus multiple brightness levels. As the name implies, this Enduro Pro headlamp is USB rechargeable. It also comes with a yellow faceplate that can be removed if you prefer a black headlamp. An industrial option is available that also includes a rubber strap and dual lock fasteners for use on a helmet or hard hat?Ǫ?ǪFrom $41.03

    • Output:200, 145, 90, 50, 25 or 15 lumens
    • Battery Type:Li-polymer rechargeable (included)
    • Run Time:6.25 to 48 hours
    • Beam Range:298 feet (91 meters)
    • Dimensions:1.85?Ç? high x 2.19?Ç? wide x 1.7?Ç? deep
    • What?ÇÖs Included:Streamlight Enduro Pro USB headlamp, rechargeable battery, USB cable, head strap; industrial version also includes rubber hard hat strap and dual lock fasteners

    What?ÇÖs included: Streamlight Enduro?« Pro USB headlamp with rechargeable battery, USB cable, head strap; industrial version also includes rubber hard hat strap and dual lock fasteners

    Features of Streamlight Enduro?« Pro USB Rechargeable Headlamp:
    ?Çó bright white LED for spot lighting; 90 CRI LED for flood lighting and better color recognition
    ?á?á?á ?û? bright white LED is good for general illumination
    ?á?á?á ?û? 90 CRI LED allows you to distinguish color variations
    ?Çó multiple brightness levels
    ?á?á?á ?ÿ? Spot high ?Çô 200 lumens, 6.25 hour runtime, 91m beam
    ?á?á?á ?ÿ? Spot medium ?Çô 90 lumens, 19 hour runtime, 60m beam
    ?á?á?á ?ÿ? Spot low ?Çô 25 lumens, 48 hour runtime, 32m beam
    ?á?á?á ?ÿ? Flood high ?Çô 145 lumens, 7 hour runtime, 30 beam
    ?á?á?á ?ÿ? Flood medium ?Çô 50 lumens, 21 hour runtime, 18m beam
    ?á?á?á ?ÿ? Flood low ?Çô 15 lumens, 48 hour runtime, 11m beam
    ?Çó maximum beam range of 298 feet (91 meters)
    ?Çó water resistant to IPX4 standard
    ?Çó durable polycarbonate thermoplastic construction with elastomar over mold
    ?Çó unbreakable polycarbonate lens
    ?Çó powered by a Li-polymer rechargeable battery (included)
    ?á?á?á ?û? 2000mAh
    ?á?á?á ?û? recharges in 4 hours
    ?Çó push button switch
    ?á?á?á ?û? press for on
    ?á?á?á ?û? press again within 1.5 seconds to change brightness level
    ?á?á?á ?û? press and hold for 2 seconds to change from spot to flood
    ?á?á?á ?û? after 2 seconds in any mode, the next press turns the headlamp off
    ?Çó attach included USB cable to headlamp for charging (plug adapters available separately ?Çô see accessories below)
    ?á?á?á ?û? charging indicator on front changes from red to green when charging is complete
    ?á?á?á ?û? battery recharges in 4 hours

    Part Numbers and UPC Codes

    P/N: 61435; UPC: 080926614352; Enduro Pro USB yellow with head strap